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Down robes are warm, lightweight, and elegant. They have become the ultimate in practical luxury.

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The battle over the early morning chill has been won by down robes. If you own a down robe, you know first hand that they are sleek, light as a feather, and toasty warm. They are a far cry form the big, bulky down coats of the 70s that made you look like the Michelin Man!  If you have never owned a down robe, do a little shopping around and you will be pleasantly surprised. Down robes are also surprisingly affordable and quite easy to care for.

Where does down come from?  It is the light, soft, fluffy undercoating of geese or ducks. If you examined it very closely you would see that it is made up of thousands of tiny fiber clusters called barbules that, when lightly compressed, interlock and overlap to trap a layer of warm, insulating air.

Down Robe

Amazingly, in just one ounce of down, there are more than 24,000 clusters. The larger the cluster, the more air it can trap to keep you toasty. The fact is that for dry, extreme cold, no other insulation outperforms natural down's ability.

A quality down robe will last for years if properly cared for. But be sure to read the care instructions. Depending on the product, it can either be machine washable or require dry cleaning. If your down filled robe is machine washable, there is a simple trick to maintaining the down's original loft through launderings. Toss a few tennis balls into the dryer with your down robe. The tennis balls will break up any clumping that may occur during the wash cycle. Your down filled robe will come out looking like new.

It seems like the only thing a down robe can't do is absorb water. Unlike a terry cloth bath robe , that is highly absorbent and wicks moisture away from you body, a down robe does not perform well when wet. When it becomes wet, it actually looses much of its insulating ability. So if you want a robe that will dry you off, stick with terry cloth or cotton bath robes.

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