Flannel Robe - Flannel Bath Robes for Men and Women

Flannel robes are as American as apple pie. And it seems that our love affair with this warm and soft fabric has only increased with the years.

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Not much feels better than a warm, soft flannel robe on a cold morning. That is why flannel robes remain the robe of choice for warding off the winter chill. Not only are they warm, soft and absorbent, but cotton flannel is easy to care for. Just wash in warm water and dry in a cool dryer. With little care, flannel robes will look great for years.

What makes flannel feel so good?  The velvety softness of flannel comes from its downy nap that is created when the material is brushed. Flannel fabric is a favorite for clothing, bed sheets, pajamas and more. It was originally made form wool, but today we see far more wool and cotton blends and 100% cotton flannels.

Flannel Robe

Cotton flannels are easier to care for, while the wool and wool blend flannels require special care, possibly even dry cleaning.

Who invented flannel?  The wives and mothers of Welsh colliers, many decades ago invented the first cotton flannel. These smart and resourceful women discovered a way to keep their husbands and sons warmer down in the 55 degree coal mines. First they wove pure cotton yarns into a simple yet substantial fabric. Then they napped the cloth on one or both sides to imitate wool flannel. They then crafted this soft and warm material not the durable shirts that were treasured by their owners.

Today women's flannel bath robes and men's flannel bath robes are more popular than ever. Most department stores will have a nice selection sizes and designs for both men and women. However, if you want the best prices and best selection, shop on the Internet. The Internet will also offer you many boutique flannel robe retailers that carry fanciful or had to come by designs. Flannel robes can be classy in gray or whimsical with flying pigs or zebra stripes. But whatever your taste, there is a flannel bath robe out there just for you.

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