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There is nothing like a fleece robe on a cold winter day or evening. You may know how wonderful fleece feels, but you may not know that this wonderful fabric has some remarkable attributes. That is why it gets more popular every year.

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Fleece robes seem to offer the wearer the best of all worlds. They are warm and cuddly soft, but also lightweight and never to hot.  And as if that wasn't enough to make you run out and buy fleece robes for your entire family, and a few choice friends, you should know that fleece is also machine washable.

To be on the safe side, however, check the care instructions on your robe. Most fleece today is synthetic and washes and dries beautifully, but some fleece is made from cotton or even wool. So read carefully.

Fleece Robe

How is fleece made?  Manufacturers start out with a synthetic woven material then put it through a brushing process that creates insulating air cells that provide superior warmth. Unlike any other fabric, fleece is even reasonably warm when wet. Plus it dries very quickly. However, if you plan on wearing it outdoors in torrential rains, you should wear a waterproof overcoat because fleece itself is not waterproof.

When shopping for your fleece men's or women's robe, be sure to ask about the finish. The finish will separate the high end fleece from the low end fleece. The high end fleece robe will have a non-pill finish. This finish prevents the surface of the fabric from balling up or pilling after several washings. Although they may be less expensive, robes without the non-pill finish will quickly loose their new, smooth look. Spend the extra money for a quality fleece robe that will last for years.

Don't forget the little ones in your life.  Because of their durability and easy care, fleece robes are a favorite among parents and children alike. They are available in rich colors and whimsical patterns, making them not only practical but fun to wear.


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