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Dressing gowns are more than simply what you wear to bed or to lounge around the house. They are a reflection of your style and taste. They can be fun or elegant, but most of all they must be comfortable!

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When it comes to dressing gowns everyone has their own style. If warmth is your first concern, your favourite sleepwear is probably a cotton flannel dressing gown or pyjamas and a warm, fluffy cotton terry cloth bath robe. If you want comfort and style, your favourite sleepwear is probably a silk dressing gown or pyjamas and a spa inspired terry cloth and microfiber robe.

Then again, if you are 7 years old, your favourite sleepwear is anything with bold colours and superheroes or princesses on it, with a matching robe. Children's robes tend to have warm hoods that wick moisture away from the body and keep a wet head warm.

Dressing Gown

Of course, hoods are also a great touch for men's and women's robes. They are particularly nice when stepping out of a hot shower or tub into the cold morning air. Because, as you know, a good deal of our body heat escapes from our heads. A hooded towelling robe is usually made of thirsty 100% cotton terry cloth. It will dry you off and keep you warm from head to toe.

Regardless of your preference in dressing gowns and robes, it is important to always buy quality. Your wallet may tell you to go for the "blow-out sale", but listen to your reasonable side. Lesser expensive dressing gowns may seem like a good idea at first, but know that they will soon wear, fade and loose their shape. A high quality dressing gown or robe will look good and wear well for years.

Especially important in children's dressing gowns is the use of flame resistant material. Lesser quality children's eveningwear may be made of material that does not meet the proper safety standards. Always read the labels before buying children's dressing gowns.

Finer department stores carry large selections of dressing gowns and robes in their sleepwear departments. However, if you are Internet savvy, the web is where you will find the largest selection and most competitive prices. The only down side is that you don't get the opportunity to try on and feel the garment before you buy it. To avoid any disappointment, be sure to always ask about the stores return policy.

Go ahead and treat yourself to a dressing gown or robe that's soft, warm and cosy. It's like giving yourself a big hug.

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