Hooded Bathrobe - Hooded Bathrobes for Men, Women and Children

Plush, thirsty terry cloth hooded bathrobes are not just for the Presidential Suites of Luxury Hotels and Spas. They are also practical and affordable, and a must for Outdoor Spa owners!

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Hooded bathrobes are the answer to the winter chills or just a cool bathroom. The benefits of having a soft, warm hood on your bathrobe are many. Not only do they keep you warmer because most of our body heat escapes through our heads, but they also keep hair covered allowing it to air dry. 

As most people know, blow-drying hair can be one of the most damaging things you can do to it. Hooded bathrobes keep moisture from evaporating from your hair too quickly, allowing it to dry naturally to a nice shinny finish.

Hooded Robe

Outdoor spa owners know how wonderful a hooded bathrobe can be. If you are one of those spa owners who enjoy a luxurious spa experience even in the chilly fall or snowy winter, you probably already have a hooded bathrobe. That dash from the house to the spa and back again is much more comfortable when you are wrapped head to foot in a warm, absorbent terry cloth hooded bathrobe.

Hooded bathrobes for children are not only practical but fun too. Far more whimsical than men's and women's hooded bathrobes, children's bathrobes come in vibrant colors and are adorned with the most wonderful designs. Many are styled so that the hood serves as a costume that magically turns the wearer into an elephant, a mouse or a cute little bunny. These great robes are perfect for bath time, by the pool, at the beach or boat, or even just running around the house at playtime.

Bathrobes have certainly come a long way. When shopping you may choose from many different materials such as flannel , fleece, down or satin, as well as many different designs like wrap around, zip front or button down. Some makers even offer monogramming for an elegant touch. Whatever you choose, you are sure to enjoy your hooded bathrobe for many ears to come.

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