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Men's robes have always been popular, but they quickly gained popularity after Hugh Heffner started sporting robes and smoking jackets just about everywhere. Buy one for yourself, or as a gift, and see how wonderful you feel when you put it on.

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Men's robes are just as popular today. If you happen to be one of those men who believe that if God had wanted men to wear robes, he wouldn't have invented boxer shorts, it is time for you to try something new. Not only are men's robes practical, but they are stylish and sexy.

A man's robe can be made out of many different, luxurious fabrics. Whatever your preference, there is a robe in your price range. The most common materials are Turkish 100% cotton terry cloth, lush velour, casual fleece, sensual satin and luxurious cashmere and silks. All of these materials create a man's robe that will envelop you in comfort and make you feel like you are Hugh Heffner.

Mens Robe

There are as many great styles to choose from as there are luxurious materials. Length is an important consideration. Short robes hang just below the knees while full length robes come to the ankles. Sleeves as well can come in short or full length. A shorter sleeve will come just below the elbow, while a full length will come to your wrist. Unlike women's robes , which can come with a zipper, button or belt closure, men's robes traditionally come with a belt closure only. Some men's robes even come with a hood. A hooded robe will keep a wet head warm when you step out of the shower, and wick moisture out of your hair for quicker drying.

You can find a wide selection of man's robes at any department store.  Be sure to try them on and feel them before you buy. If you are Internet savvy, the widest selection and best prices can be found on the web. Just be sure to ask about the return policy, in the event that the robe doesn't turn out to be what you had hoped.

Most importantly enjoy your robe. You will not only feel comfortable in it, but you will look great too.

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