Satin Robe - Quilted Satin Bath Robes are Back

There is nothing like the silky softness of a satin bath robe against your skin. Satin is the luxurious fabric that is easy to care for and wears beautifully.

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Most of the finer luxury fabrics require special attention when laundering. Some even require dry cleaning. Satin is the exception to the rule. A satin bath robe will wear well for years with relatively little care. And not only is a satin bath robe soft and smooth to the touch, but it is also surprisingly warm on chilly mornings.  That means that not only will you look good, but you will feel good too.

What is the best way to care for your satin bath robe ?  Simply treat it like you would any fine washable garment. Wash it separately on a gentle cycle with a cool or low water temperature setting. Be sure not to use harsh chemicals like bleach.

Satin Robe

Opt instead for a gentle soap such as Ivory Liquid or Woolite . When your satin bath robe has completed the wash cycle, promptly toss it into the dryer on a cool setting. It is important to remove your robe from the dryer promptly when it feels dry to the touch, this will prevent heavy wrinkling. If you find that your robe has a few wrinkles, you can use an iron on a low setting on the dull side, or wrong side, of the fabric. That is it. If it were any easier, the robe would launder itself!

Satin robes are quite easy to find due to their popularity. Most department stores care men's and women's satin robes in their lingerie departments. Many specialty loungewear stores and bath stores also offer a lovely selection. However, for the best selection and most competitive prices, shop the Internet. When shopping on the web however, be sure to inquire about their return policy. In the event that the satin bath robes that you ordered don't look like they did in the picture, you want to be able to return them hassle free.

If you don't already own a satin bath robe, go ahead and tread yourself to the sumptuous experience. If you already have one, share the enjoyment by buying one for someone else. They are sure to appreciate it!

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