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Polish your formal look with the right accessories. Mixing and matching key pieces can change your entire fashion statement. Explore the possibilities.

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Add a few accessories to your tuxedo; a colored vest, silk suspenders or sparkling button covers to see how your tuxedo will change. You can insert your personality with a brightly colored vest. Or you can add crystal (or diamond) cufflinks to add sparkle. White gloves and a top hat will increase the formality of the suit. With a wide variety of tie styles, you can add uniqueness to any tuxedo.


Accessories individualize your formal wear selection!


  • Are you looking for a Western look? Add button covers with a western motif, a black Stetson hat, and a bolo tie to pull it all together.
  • Need to insert some of your own style to your tuxedo? Select a tie that brings out your eye color.
  • Have a breast pocket on your tuxedo coat? Pick out a colored square to match your date's dress.
  • Vests are available in different colors, textures and prints.
  • Cufflinks with matching studs can add sparkle, while remaining formally dressed. Gold, silver, black onyx, white or colored stones, diamond or cubic zirconia all increase your statement of elegance.
  • White gloves, formal scarves, canes and top hats are essential for the most formal events to accompany your tuxedo with tails.
  • Instead of a vest, chose a cummerbund to match the color of your tie. Remember the rule to always match the dress color of your date!
  • Suspenders can be added to your outfit for fashion, as well as functionality.
  • The most basic accessory most men forget is the formal dress shoes.
  • Do not forget dress socks! You cannot wear athletic white socks with a tuxedo!

Accessories can be rented or purchased, depending on your retail selection. Try on your tuxedo with the accessories before you decide. Think about what you are trying to accomplish.

Do not over-accessorize your look – find one or two accessories that make a subtle statement of sophistication or individuality. A pocket square and cufflinks may be the only pieces you need. Your goal is to make a statement of elegance – you are dressing for a formal event.

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