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Renting formal wear attire is an economical alternative to purchase. Most men rarely wear a tuxedo beyond their high school prom and their wedding. If you are uncertain of your next formal event, renting is the most sensible option.

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Tuxedo rentals are a wonderful option for today's formal wear culture. The days of multiple formal social events of the past are gone. Rentals allow the average man flexibility to select the tuxedo for the season and time of day. Wedding groomsmen can match the groom's attire perfectly. Teenage boys can express their individuality with the formal prom attire without spending much of their hard earned savings.

Formal wear retail providers have found a market with the one-time tuxedo wearer. With a wide selection of rental tuxedos and accessories, and some customer service, the rental business is thriving.


With the majority of wedding and prom events approaching in spring and summer, rental shops are at their busiest time of the year. Plan to schedule your tuxedo fitting at least four months prior to the wedding, and at least five to six months if you are getting married in June. Prom attendees should schedule their fitting at least one month before the dance.

The formal wear retailers cater to the wedding business, and most likely have a preferred procedure for out-of-town groomsmen to submit their measurements. Some stores require a professional fitting at a local store, while others can size the outfit based on a set of specific measurements. Check with your retailer on how to handle measurements when you call for your fitting appointment.

Be sure to order all of the needed accessories at the time your order your tuxedos. Plan to pick up your order at least one week prior to the wedding or destination departure for a final fitting. You will want all of the groomsmen to try on their tuxedo at this time to ensure all items fit, and allow for adjustments.

Plan to return your tuxedo the day after the event, unless other arrangements have been agreed upon. You will not be required to dry clean your suit, but you will be held responsible for damage.

Tuxedo packages help the novice tuxedo wearer coordinate their look for one price. Contents of the package vary from retailer to retailer, but most include the jacket, trousers, dress shirt, cummerbund/ tie set, and cufflinks. Some packages include the patent leather dress shoes and socks. Others include the vest but not the cummerbund/tie set. Package deals are typically marketed to the prom tuxedo wears, but they are also available to other customers.

If you live in a rural community, you may not have a tuxedo retailer near you. If this is the case, you will be happy to know that tuxedos can be rented over the internet! Even if you live in a large metropolitan area like New York City, ordering a rental tuxedo may have its advantages. Your suit will be delivered to your door without the hassle of driving to the shop for measurements, returning to the shop for fitting, and returning to the shop again to return the tuxedo.

Prices for rental formal wear vary, depending on the popularity of the style, the brand name, and cut of the jacket, and accessories are rented a la carte. Expect to spend more than you plan. If you are on a tight budget, tell your retail salesperson of your expectations and limitations. They should be able to assist you in keeping within your limit.

Tips from other tuxedo renters:

  • Pay attention to dressing instructions given by the salesperson – tips on attaching the cufflinks or studs may prove useful when you are nervous about the upcoming event!
  • Rental shoes are not comfortable. If you can afford it, purchase formal dress shoes that fit well. After an evening of dancing, your feet will thank you.
  • Be a good groom – help your groomsmen with information on pricing, deposits and fitting schedules.
  • Rent only those items that you cannot find elsewhere. You may be coerced into renting or even purchasing cufflinks for a higher price.
  • If it does not fit, speak up. You want to be comfortable.

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