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American Audio CDG-350 Professional Dual CD Player W/ Advanced Karaoke

The CDG-350 is a professional dual CD player offering advanced CD+G graphics for karaoke. Each player has its own tempo adjustment, direct access and keying control functions illuminated on a high quality LCD display.

The CDG-350 features a pitch bend slider and a jog wheel on each side in addition to convenient key and transport controls. The CDG-350 is a precision instrument, for playing and cueing multiple CDs including all the features to keep your shows kicking.

This dual CD deck reads CD, CD-R, and CD+G discs and features Fader Start for precise audio and video cueing. In conjunction with a Composite Video Out and Pitch Control for CDs and CD-Rs with a range of +/- 8%, +/- 12% or +/- 16% and your playlists will sound smooth as butter. Direct track access makes locating the right track a breeze and other advanced cueing functions include track search by frame and pitch bend, and tempo lock (master tempo). There’s the Single/Continue function and Time-viewing as well as Q-Start, Key Control and Hot Starts’ DIMENSIONS. Also the CDG-350 is perfect for mixing in dark clubs and whatnot with its large, clear and easy to read LCD display.

Here’s what you get:

• Fader Start for audio & video
• Professional Karaoke Dual CD player
• Composite Video Out
• Pitch Control (+/-8%, +/-12% or +/-16% CD & CD-R only)
• Advanced cueing with track search by frame
• Direct track access for quick search
• Pitch Bend
• Tempo Lock (Master Tempo)
• Bright easy to read LCD display
• Single/Continue and Time viewing
• Q-Start
• Key Control
• Hot Starts DIMENSIONS:
• Main Unit: 19” x 3” x 10” (2 rack spaces) Control unit: 19” x 5” x 3” (3 rack spaces)
• Weight: 16 lbs.

The CDG-350 by American Audio is a high quality dual CD player for all CD mixing and advanced karaoke needs. If you’re looking to spin CD’s in rapid succession and need all the cuing and mixing elements that keep shows flowing and audiences grooving, the CDG-350 is an ideal piece of equipment.

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