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American Audio CDI 300 MP3 Professional MP3/CD Player

The CDI 300 MPS by American Audio is a professional single MP3 and CD player for serious DJs who spin a lot of CDs and MP3 data but still want the control that vinyl affords.

Compatible with CDs, MP3 discs, and CD-Rs the CDI 300 delivers an array of advanced features including accurate scratching capabilities with Digital Scratching 2.0. Built with only the finest quality components, this CD/MP3 player is certain to be rocking crowds for a long time.

The large backlit LCD screen is easy to read in even the darkest clubs, and the player’s quick MP3 and CD recognition shows track listings and artist names when playing MP3s. Track searching by frame, not by second, is a benefit of the advanced cueing function. Folder search makes it easy to scroll through hundreds of MP3 data files to find the right track in real time so you can eliminate dead time between tracks.

Digital Scratching 2.0 makes it easy to replicate the accurate scratching of vinyl, opening more possibilities for your sets than with standard CD players. A visual marking reference light allows you to view where the disc is playing facilitating precise scratching and cueing.

As if that wasn’t enough, the CDI-300 features ten-second anti-shock skip resistance is essential for rowdy clubs and bumping dance floors. Other critical features include Seamless loop, fader Q-Start, 3 flash start buttons with 5 second samples for each button, and Tempo Lock 8, an auto BPM counter that will keep your mixes on point, on beat and in rotation, like every day! Hyper pitch control offers an adjustable pitch range of +/- 4%, +/- 8%, +/- 16%, and +/- 100% and the output is a digital S/PDIF connection.

The CDI-300 is a professional-quality piece of DJ equipment. For DJs who spin a lot of MP3s, CDs and CD-Rs, the CDI-300 is indispensable. You are truly hard-pressed to find another single CD player with a comparable level of feature-packed madness and high-quality construction.

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