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American Audio CK-1000 MP3 Professional MP3/CD Player/Mixer

The CK-1000 by American Audio is possibly one of the baddest dual MP3/CD player/mixers on the market today, delivering all the critical features and functions that DJs need to select and mix CD and MP3 audio to blow crowds away on the regular.

Compatible with CD, CD-R and MP3 discs, this device allows DJs to cue and scratch audio files like any vinyl record, but without the hassle of lugging around heavy and cumbersome crates.

Each side has its own large, bright, backlit LCD display. Easy to read on even the darkest of stages, the display with quick MP3/CD recognition shows MP3 track titles and artist names and selectable elapsed time, remaining time and total remaining time. Advanced cueing is done by frame, not by second, and the advanced track search functions by track title or by a folder search for locating tracks quickly and easily in real time. Other features include TAP sync BPM, Tempo Lock, Instant Start, and Digital Scratch FX for live and accurate scratching capability.

The 20-second anti-shock skip resistance is important for keeping your mixes steady and pristine. There is +10 track advance button for speedy mix arrangement, seamless loop, BOP effect, Q-Start and Single or Continuous Play are among the CK-1000’s array of features. Also with pitch control and a pitch range of +/- 4%, +/- 8%, and +/-16%.

The built-in professional 2-channel mixer has 2 built-in CD inputs, 2 line inputs, 1 auxiliary and 1 mic input. The mini jack aux input on the face of the mixer is handy for hooking up portable MP3 audio players or satellite radio receivers. Each channel has its own bass, mid, treble and gain-adjustment in addition to Stream Flow LED indicators on each channel, master level, and mic level cue pan and cue level adjustment. Also a Flip Flop On/Off button relays playback between the two CD players. The rear panel boasts balanced XLR outputs, digital S/PDIF, 2 additional line inputs, XLR or ¼” mic inputs, a multi-voltage switch, and the power on/off button.

The CK-1000 is a mean machine for playing CDs, MP3s, and CD-Rs. No matter what the competition says, American Audio has CDJing on lockdown. If youre looking for the highest level of professional features meshed with professional components and rock-solid design, your quest is at an end: the CK-1000 by American Audio is your just reward.


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