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American Audio DCD-PRO1000 Professional Dual Compact Disc Player

The DCD-PRO1000 by American Audio is a rugged, professional dual compact disc player with a ridiculous range of features and smooth styling that will make it tough to get your fingers away from it.

Featuring Digital Scratching 2.0, PowerTouch interactive jog wheels and onboard effects, the DCD-PRO1000 is a beast in the studio or in the club.

The PowerTouch (patent pending) touch sensitive jog wheels let you interact with your CDs like any vinyl scratch setup. Digital Scratch 2.0 delivers 2 distinct scratch modes; Digital Scratch mode and Beat Juggling mode. Nine onboard effects include scratch, filter, echo, trans, skid, phase, flanger, pan and bop adding some bad new elements to your mixes plus effect layering. Each side features an extra-large backlit LCD display showing a play, pause, and cue indicator, memory bucket indicator, pitch/bpm indicator, time bar and display, remaining time, total remaining time, or elapsed time, a visual marker and a track indicator.

A digital BPM counter keeps your digital effects in sync with the music you’re playing while 6 preset parameters settings for each effect give your grooves even more flavor.

Featuring tempo lock, a parameter ratio adjustment knob and pitch bend with hyper pitch bend up to +/- 100%, you can bring your favorite tracks to a whole new level. 3 flash start sampler buttons on each side proved 6 second samples each with or without a CD in the drive. Plus, you get volume control between the music and the sampler and the mixer can adjust pitches separately and mix effects in real-time. 3 sampler cues can be memorized with the auto cue function. The DCD-PRO1000 provides flash cue anti-shock memory, instant start, seamless loop, fader Q-start, and reverse play, which may be the coolest feature of all. I’m just sayin’…

The DCD-PRO1000 is not just a high quality pro CD player which it is, but all that’s right there in the name. What makes this product the barnburner that it is, is the seemingly endless array of tools it delivers to put you in control of CD music like never before. And it’s all thanks to your American friends at American Audio!


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