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American Audio MCD-510 Dual MP3/CD Player

The MCD-510 dual MP3/CD player adds another element to the exhaustive line of American Audio’s high quality, affordable performance MP3/CD players.

American Audio has a CD player designed especially for every possible application. Incorporating features that specifically cater to the particular needs of professional DJs and music enthusiasts alike, MP3/CD players like the MCD-510 have all the functions you need and none you don’t, saving you money and rack space.

The MCD-510 has dozens features you wont find on other competitors’ models in this class. This CD player is compatible with all MP3, CD, and CD-R formats and provides such superior features as advanced cueing with track searching by frame, not by second, giving you the most precise cues possible. Quick MP3 and CD recognition and the Smooth Search jog wheels will get your songs in rotation, without keeping you waiting. The Pitch Control has an adjustable pitch range of +/- 4%, +/- 8%, and +/- 16% with Pitch Bend and the Fader Q-start, delivers smooth mixing every time.

Another handy feature is the +10 track advance and -10 back track function helping you zip through lengthy MP3 and CD-R folders, giving you more time to groove and less time looking for the right songs. The Flip Flop function relays playback between the two CD players and a 20 second anti shock skip protection will save your show from devastating playback failure. The two, large backlit LCD screens are easy to read and provide Single/ Continuous Play info and time viewing with selectable elapsed time, time remaining and total time remaining. Also, each CD player has its own digital S/PDIF output.

When it comes to building the most reliable and affordable MP3/CD players, American Audio is right on the mark every time. You just wont find another brand that puts the same level of professional design and high quality components together into a product that is so user-, pocket-, and performance- friendly. If your sets incorporate an abundance of MP3 and CD material, American Audio is out there for you!

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