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American Audio Radius 1000 MP3/CD Player and MIDI Controller

The Radius 1000 CD/MP3 player/ MIDI controller by American Audio is a mean animal by any standards. Whether you DJ mainly with a computer or CD/MP3s the Radius 1000 is right up your alley, offering to take your performances to new heights.

This professional CD/MP3 player features a large 6-inch jog wheel, 9 onboard DSP effects, and with MIDI controlling capabilities; this solution is perfect for controlling your favorite playback software all CD, CD-R and MP3 data.

The Radius 1000 provides a red LED visual marker that rotates around the jog wheel as a visual reference for showing where the CD or MP3 disc is playing which is handy for cueing and scratching media and also adds an interesting aesthetic to the device. Also, features like quick MP3 and CD recognition, an advanced track search by frame letting you choose the next track while one is still playing, Track and folder search, give you more time to focus on creative mixing rather than track selection. The large, bright display shows track titles, artist name and album titles from ID tags as well as selectable elapsed time, remaining time and total remaining time viewing.

The jog wheel has three modes: Normal, Scratch and Auto Cue Scratch (great for beat juggling). The nine onboard effects include Filter, Echo, Trans, Skid, Phase, Flanger, Pan, Bop and two Scratch modes: Digital Scratch and beat juggling. The digital BPM counter keeps your digital effects in sync with your music and provides FX sync adjustment. There’s a tempo lock function, fader Q-Start, and Instant start in addition to Smart Loop, which automatically measures loop time and a TAP button that lets you set BPM manually give you even more control over you mix.

The Radius 1000 can control any USB-compatible MIDI software and can control up to 8 MIDI channels at once. Bet your CD player doesn’t do that. And with a range of additional features like Seamless Loop, and 3 flash start buttons, the Radius 1000 leaves nothing to be desired. If you DJ with lots of CD and MP3 material, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have one of these, brought to you be American Audio.

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