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American Audio Velocity Professional Dual CD player

The Velocity by American Audio is a top-of-the-line professional dual CD player with more features than your body’s got bones.

Delivering unparalleled sound quality, rugged industrial design and smooth styling plus an arsenal of world class components, the Velocity will change the way you DJ. American Audio has once again upped the ante on performance CDJ equipment and the Velocity is at the apex.

The huge Power Touch interactive digital jog wheels with Digital Scratching 2.0 delivers the industry’s most accurate and true to life scratch effects with two scratching modes. Along with Scratch there are 9 on board effects with effect layering, including Filter, Echo, Trans, Skid, Phase, Flanger, Pan and Bop. There are six preset parameters settings for each effect, tempo lock (master tempo) and a digital BPM counter to keep your effects in sync with your mix. Parameter ratio and parameter time adjustment knobs give you control of the subtleties of you mix while the Pitch Control feature has Pitch Bend with a range of +/- 4%, +/- 8%, and +/-16% plus a “Hyper Pitch” feature that allows you modulate your tracks up to +/- 100%.

There are three Flash Start Sampler buttons on each side with seven-second samples per button, which work with or without a CD in the drive. The Velocity also provides Flash Cue, Fader Q-Start, and reverse play as well as volume control between music and the sampler. The mixer can adjust music and sample pitches independently, and mix effects on the fly. A critical 10-second anti-shock keeps your mixes in rotation and three sampler cues can be memorized. Also the Flip Flop function relays playback between the two sides.

Rarely does one come across such a wealth of features and professional design elements in a CD player that is so easy to use and affordable at the same time. American Audio has made it their mission to break the mold of conventional performance audio solutions by offering more than just run-of-the-mill equipment or expensive high-end products. American Audio offers everything from basic players to the most technically advanced. The Velocity is among the latter but you wouldn’t think that looking at the price.

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