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Denon DN-D4500 Disco Dual CD Pro DJ Club with MP3 Player

The DN-D4500 is Denon’s new addition to their family of rack-mount CD/MP3 players designed for mobile and club DJs requiring a simple yet highly reliable workhorse. The preceptor to the award-winning DN-D4000, the DN-D4500 is offers many expanded features, particularly in the MP3 arena.

Offering key adjust, auto BPM counter, MP3 seamless looping with B-Trim editing, MP3 Hot Starts, file search, and frame search just to name a few the DN-D4500 is a true heavyweight in the world of CD/MP3 players.

The MP3 file searching system lets you locate hundreds of MP3 tracks in seconds in addition to supporting MP3 ID3 tags and Auto CD Text on the large, easy to read fluorescent tube display. Quick and easy cueing to frame sound accuracy can be done using the inner 5 cm jog wheel while the outer shuttle ring can be used for adjusting quick jumps while scanning. The inner jog wheel also controls pitch bend for syncing tracks for beat mixing; this is also aided by the auto-BPM counters. The key adjust feature keeps vocals and music sounding right regardless how you increase or decrease the tempo and the 100-/20-second MP3/CD anti-shock memory keeps your music interruption-free.

With the relay play and adjustable overlap features your music needn’t have silence between tracks and can even alternate between two discs. Other features on the DN-D4500 include up to 1000 savable cue points, which can be recalled from either drive; time-adjustable brake effect via preset mode and pitch control. The pitch range is +/- 4%, 8%, and 16% on MP3 but CDs go up to +/- 24%, 50%, and 100%. Also there’s instant start, a fader start control terminal, digital outputs and is compatible with all CD, CD-R, and CD-RW formats.

The DN-D4500 is an essential element of any serious CDJ setup. It will take you as far as you want to go without too many over-the-top features. Also this player’s software is upgradable via a CD-ROM disc.

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