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Denon DN-D6000 Dual MP3 Rackmount DJ CD Player

The DN-D6000 Dual MP3/ CD player is Denon’s newest addition to their already highly acclaimed line and is the first dual player to offer a full set of MP3 features.

The American DJ Association awarded the DN-D-6000 the 2005 DJ Zone Crystal Disc Award for outstanding DJ equipment. Designed as an upgrade from the club standard DN-2600F the DN-D6000 provides 4 onboard effects, dual pressure sensitive jog discs, 3 platter effects, and a whole lot moreers.

This CD player fully supports seamless MP3 looping with B-trim, MP3 scratching, Hot Starts, effects, C.B.R. and V.B.R. encoding for up to 320 knobs, ID3 tags, and an advanced MP3 file search system that allows you quickly to locate your track by name. The Next Track Reserve function allows you to search for a track and crossfade it seamlessly for a smooth non-stop mix.

The crossfade time is user adjustable and works on audio CD’s as well. The 15-second onboard sample provides Pitch, B-Trim, volume control and 3-way playback edit options while BPM counter can be used in automatic mode, Manual TAP and Manual BPM value assignment. The 4 built in effects include Flanger, Filter, Echo, and the first-ever Echo/ Loop. Additionally, the 3 platter effects include Drag-Start, Brake and Reverse.

Other features on the DN-D6000 include:
• Quick loading slot drives
• Two available seamless loops
• CD Text support with a scrolling display for long names
• Power On Play for unattended playback
• Relay play
• Function cue point, playback pitch and range, pitch on/off, key adjust on/off, and seamless loop A and B can be memorized for later recall.
• Dual 7 cm jog discs with scratch control, pitch bend and platter hold, scan and frame search, and slip mats for use under the clear scratch disc

The DN-D6000 offers a 20-second anti-shock memory for CDs and up 100 seconds on MP3s. The large fluorescent tube display with dot matrix text support delivers all the crucial info in a large easy to read window, the outputs a re a digital S/PDIF and now with a new pinless remote control cable is secured in place by its worry-free secure locking ends. The DENON DN-D6000 is the ultimate CD/MP3 player for professional DJs who want it all!

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