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Denon DN-HS5500 Direct Drive Turntable Media Player Controller

Nominated for Club World System’s 2009 Best DJ Product Award and winner of’s 2009 Best Single Multi-Format Player Award, the DN-HS5500 by Denon is an industry leading direct drive turntable media player and controller.

Featuring riveting independent dual deck-like operation with separate audio outputs, the DN-HS5500 can operate like 2 decks in one with each deck simultaneously at the push of a button.

The deck layer has full access to all of the HS5500’s features, music library and connected devices and when used as a MIDI controller, each deck can control up to 2 players from a wide range of popular DJ software. The 12-pole proprietary direct drive brushless motor delivers instant full rotation speed with a powerful 2.5 kg/cm of start up torque within 0.5 seconds. The platter also has selectable 33 or 45 rpm speeds. Featuring the world’s first HDD/CD option, DJs now have full control over internal hardware preferences with the optional slim-type CD-ROM drive or a 2.5” laptop size hard drive.

The DN-HS5500 can support multiple external USB hard drives direct of via optional USB 2.0 hub. You can connect portable MP3 players jump drives, and more by simply plugging your device in to obtain powerful features like instant start, seamless loop, scratching and file search. Designed to interface and control a variety of popular USB MIDI-compatible audio and video DJ programs, either by custom mapping or direct native support, the DN-HS5500 can control your favorite DJ software all from one clever player. Also with a USB audio interface the internal power supply features 24bit DAC processing from Burr Brown for superior audio fidelity. With a single RJ45 cross cable, two players can be linked for master/remote operation enabling DJs to make all peripheral connections to a single player while having full control of all devices from either side.

It’s easy to see why this player has caused so much commotion in the DJ industry. Rarely are companies so willing to step outside of the box to really take DJing to new level but DENON knows how crucial it is to keep pushing new ideas. The DN-HS5500 is a testament to that and that’s why it will be a mainstay of pro DJ rack for years to come.

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