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Denon DN-S1200 Compact CD/USB Media Player and Controller

Winner of’s 2009 Best MP3 Player Under £ 400 is Denon’s brand new DN-S1200 CD/ USB media player.

Weighing in at only nine pounds the DN-S1200 is Denon’s smallest media player yet but packs in an extraordinary arsenal of high-end features not found in many larger and more expensive units. As far as compact, high quality CD/MP3 players go the DN-S1200 is incomparable.

The DN-S1200 features and illuminated Slot-in, is a quick loading and fast data reading mechanism that offers CD, CD-R, CD-RW and MP3 support. The unit can support external USB mass storage devices allowing you to easily connect to iPods, thumb drives or a large external hard drive for easy access to your MP3 and WAV audio libraries up to 50,000 files! Plugged in devices get full access to onboard features like Instant Start, Seamless Looping, Scratching and File Searching. Also designed to control a variety of popular DJ audio and video software programs that support a USB interface the DN-S1200 offers custom mapping and direct native support.

The player has its own internal power supply featuring Burr Brown 24-bit DAC processing with superior output audio fidelity for achieve the highest electrical specs to give you the best possible performance. The 11 cm, multi-functional, touch sensitive jog disc is constructed with an ultra high-resolution pulse and touch sensor mechanism that accurately reproduces even the subtlest hand scratching movements but can also perform other vital functions as well, such as pitch bending, scanning and file searching. Also the DN-S1200 supports three types of global USB keyboards in nine different languages for simplified song searching, and a ton of keyboard shortcuts.

Also features on the DN-S1200:
• MP3 Hot Starts
• 4 built in effects
• 3 platter effects
• Next track function with crossfade
• 4-way BPM Counter
• Key Adjust
• Vibrant tube display with 2-line character text support

The DN-S1200 is the ultimate compact MP3 CD/USB media player. No matter how much or how little MP3 and WAV material you play in your mixes, the DN-S1200 will get your audiences where they want to be. Not to mention the wallet-friendly price. Denon’s DN-S1200 is a generally all-around DJ-friendly player.

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