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Denon DN-S3500 Direct Drive CD/MP3 Player

Denon DJ has taken its innovative spinning active platter design to a whole new level by introducing the industry’s new flagship DN-S3500 CD/MP3 player.

Featuring a powerful 12-pole, direct drive motor, 7 onboard effects, intuitive controls, and appealing design the DN-S3500 will reinvent the tabletop market for vinyl and digital DJs alike.

The all-proprietary 12-pole direct drive brushless motor delivers instant full rotation speed with a powerful 2.5 kg/cm of torque within 0.5 seconds of start up giving you true turntable reaction and response. With 4 high quality effects including flanger, scratch, echo and echo/loop, each with full parameter control and a unique dry/wet mix knob, it has never been so easy to build the mood on the dance floor. The three additional platter effects include brake (adjustable in real-time), dump (reverses sound while continuing in true forward time), plus a new reverse function.

The DN-S3500 delivers a whole suite of MP3 support giving DJs seamless looping with B-Point trim, Hot Starts, Frame Search, Memo for saving cue points and loops, ID3 Tag support for titles, artist and album names and BPM tags plus an MP3 File Search. The Next Track function lets you search for songs by name and crossfade seamlessly to that file for a smooth non-stop mix at a whim. You get 33 and 45 rpm speeds, deep pitch resolution, Key adjust, and a 15-second onboard sampler for sampling on the fly while performing scratch overlays. The BPM counter has three-way functions too.

Other features include:
• 20 sec anti shock for CDs 100 sec for MP3
• Fluorescent tube display
• Quick Jump
• Cue Stutter
• EOM Fader Start Control terminal
• Digital Output
• Software updatable by CD-ROM

And that’s not all! Connect two of these things together and you will be playing with fire! The DN-S3500 has way more creative and innovative features in store for those who are serious about digital DJing than anything competitors have put up to-date. When it comes to throwing down heavy hitting equipment, Denon brings it on the regular.

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