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Gemini CD-150 Single Deck Rackmount CD Player

The CD-150 by Gemini, a renowned industry leader in performance audio equipment, is a professional quality single deck rackmount CD player.

Designed with the highest quality components for the best possible playback and long-lasting reliability, the Gemini CD-150 is an excellent product for both pro DJs and music enthusiasts alike. Gemini has made the enhancement of your audio experience their mission for the last 30 years and that legacy continues with the CD-150.

This player is compatible with all audio CDs and CD-R formats. A provided remote control with direct select makes it easy to control this device from across a room or club. Anti-Shock protection is buffered by onboard RAM memory so you don’t have to worry about skipping discs, no matter how crazy your audience gets. .

The CD-150 comes with a whole host of features you wouldn’t expect to find on anything but the most expensive CD players such as Instant Start and cue with preview, and selectable Single Auto-cue or Continuous Play modes. The seamless loop with reloop keeps your mixes moving without the need for silence between tracks. Pitch bend can be manipulated via jog wheel or at the push of a button so your tracks will flow smoothly no matter how different the track you play may be.

The large, easy to read, backlit display has three selectable time display modes: elapsed time, time remaining, and total time remaining. Track searching by frame instead of by second makes it easy to set cues with surgical precision for even simpler track searching the CD-150 offers a +10 track button for quick and easy song navigation. Dual-mode jog wheel can be used for searching as well as pitch bending and the pitch control feature has a range of +/- 12%. The play mode is fully programmable and has a handy repeat function, which is great for pre-/post-performance music.

The CD-150 by Gemini is a straightforward CD player. Nothing too crazy about it but it has a bunch of professional features that one would usually only find on higher end models. This is a great CD player for DJ’s who spin some CDs but specialize in a divers range of material.

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