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Gemini CD-200 Professional 2U Dual CD Player

Gemini has built their reputation over the last 30 years by designing and manufacturing industry-leading audio devices and now adds CD-200 2U dual CD player to that already impressive resume.

Gemini is committed to bringing professional audio equipment to DJs and music enthusiasts alike with a single goal in mind: the enhancement of the audio experience. The CD-200 is a professional dual CD player providing many of the features you’d only expect to find on the most expensive models.

Compatible with all CD, CD-R and CD-RW formats, the CD-200 wont keep you restricted to a limited repertoire. Offering crucial Anti-shock via RAM-buffered memory, DJs need not fear rocking their crowd too hard; because nothing is worse than skips and stutters resulting from your crowd being too into your mix.

You get Instant Start, and cuing with preview so you can set pitch and tempo before letting it go giving you an ever-polished sound every time. Each side has seamless loop with reloop, and a jog wheel with two modes: searching and pitch bending. The pitch control has a range of +/- 12%, and pitch bending can be done with either the jog wheel or buttons, whichever suits your purpose at the time.

The large blue dual backlit LCD screens are easy to read showing selectable three-mode time viewing: elapsed time, time remaining, and total time remaining. Track search by frame, rather than by second, allows you to set cues with surgical precision and, further expediting the track selection process is the +10 track advance button. With quicker navigation you can focus more on cueing than getting your mix right. The CD-200 is fully programmable, with repeat function offering DJs more control over their mixes than most other mid-range dual CD players.

The CD-200 is a high quality unit for DJs who need a little more flexibility than most other dual players provide. Gemini has a great way of putting affordability together with professional performance features to give DJs the best of both worlds. The CD-200 is just another chapter in that hard-fought tradition.

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