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Gemini CDJ-01 Top-Load Professional DJ CD Player

The CDJ-01 by Gemini is a nasty top-loading CD player for professional DJs who have a particular way of mixing and want the most out of their CD players without them getting in the way.

Streamlined to provide the essential features expected from all pro CD players and nothing that a seasoned DJ would already have in their rig, the CDJ-01 is the ideal solution for basic kit expansion.

Compatible with CDs and CD-Rs, this unit won’t limit you to manufactured CDs. The top loading soft-action door opening is durable, providing long-lasting reliability and has a translucent window for visual play confirmation.

Of course there’s Instant Start, Single auto-cue/Continuous play selection plus looping with reloop—all excellent features for pre-/post- performance music. The variable pitch control has an adjustable pitch range of +/- 4%, +/- 8% and +/- 16%. Pitch bend is done with buttons or a pitch slider.

The large blue backlit LCD screen is easy to read and shows track number plus time viewing. Three-mode time viewing lets you choose to display, either, elapsed time, time remaining or total time remaining values. Also, the advanced search function features track searching by frame rather than by second for ultra-precise cueing so you wont just be ‘near’ your cue point, you can land right on top of it. The output is a coaxial RCA digital output.

It’s a convenient solution that doesn’t break the bank but with a range of professional features usually reserved for the big boys, the CDJ-01 gets the job done in a pinch. If you’re looking for something to fill that void in your set, consider the CDJ-01 your “Johnny-on-the-spot.” Meshing a low profile solution with affordability is Gemini’s standpoint on all their products and that’s what the CDJ-01 is all about.

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