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Gemini CDJ-505 Professional Tabletop CD/MP3/USB Player

The at the pinnacle of Gemini’s CDJ series sits the CDJ-505 pro tabletop CD/MP3/USB player, delivering the ability to play MP3 files from any USB storage device and, with a built-in scratch effect and a big old, great-feeling jog wheel, you’ll be hard pressed to find a competitor at any price.

Packed with all the essentials of pro CD players, the CDJ-505 boasts an extra large jog wheel, compatibility with all audio CD, CD-R, MP3 and USB formats, buffer memory anti-shock, frame accurate search and lots more! A fully-loaded, yet compact and portable, the CDJ-505 is a must have for serious home, mobile and club DJs.

While the CDJ-505 is compatible with all audio CDs, CD-Rs and MP3 discs, it can also play MP3 files from any FAT 32-formatted USB storage device making it the ultimate digital audio companion. The essential anti-shock feature utilizes RAM-buffered memory rather than a mechanical device, for a more predictable and dependable playback every time.

The large jog wheel has three selectable jog modes—pitch bend, search, and scratch. The scratch effect mode feels just like scratching with vinyl and sounds identical. The multifunction scroll knob facilitates fast and easy MP3 folder navigation, and, in conjunction with the advanced, frame-accurate track search feature the CDJ-505 gives you more time to mix and edit than search for the right tracks.

Among the wealth of features offered by the CDJ-505 are, of course, instant-start and cue with preview, as well as single/ continuous play and fully programmable repeat modes plus seamless loop and reloop (all crucial elements for club DJing). You got your standard BPM read out plus a TAP mode that lets you set the BPM manually giving you even more control over the vibe your sets put out. The Bright and easy to read VFD display shows Single/ Continuous play selection, BPM read out and three modes of time viewing—time remaining, elapsed time and total time remaining.

The CDJ-505 is the ultimate CD/MP3/USB player for serious DJs. No matter how much digital media you spin, DJing today requires a high quality CD player and the CDJ-505 takes it to the next level.

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