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Gemini CDM-3600 Dual CD Mixing Console

Gemini is the proud manufacturer of a wide variety of professional CD players and perhaps one its more impressive installments, the rackmount CDM-3600 dual CD mixing console, unites 2 professional CD players with a high-quality mixer. Packed with tons of features you’d only expect to find on the most expensive units, the CDM-3600 is a cost effective digital DJing solution cutting no corners, but free of pricey overload.

Compatible with CDs and CD-Rs, the CDM-3600 features a crucial RAM-buffered anti-shock memory to keep your CDs as well as your sets in rotation. The dual rubber jog wheels feature convenient finger grips and each have 2 selectable jog modes, one for searching through tracks and the other for pitch bending. Pitch bending can also be accomplished with the pitch slider offering a range of +/- 16% while the variable pitch control has a range of +/- 12%. Each side has instant start and cue with preview as well as fader start. The players offer both single and continuous play modes, fully programmable repeat button, and one seamless loop with reloop per side.

Each side also features its own large, blue backlit LCD screen display showing single/continuous play selection as well as three modes of time viewing—elapsed time, time remaining and total time remaining. Frame-accurate searching allows you to set cues with surgical precision, rather than just getting in the neighborhood of where you want to be. The direct track access buttons alongside the track select buttons with a +10 track button makes setting up your mixes even easier. The built in pro quality mixer offers 3-band EQ with gain control, a ¼” headphone output and XLR and ¼” microphone inputs. There are auxiliary phono and line inputs for hooking up additional external devices like vinyl turntables as well as balanced XLR outputs.

The CDM-3600 is an excellent dual CD player for even the most demanding DJs. Gemini has built their reputation on delivering the highest quality products for the most cost-effective prices. For all your digital DJing needs Gemini and the CDM-3600 fit the bill.

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