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Gemini CDM-3700G Dual CD Karaoke Mixing Console

Gemini does it again with the CDM-3700G dual CD Karaoke mixing console bringing a fierce coalition of features together with rugged craftsmanship to give DJs an awesome stage-worthy unit. Featuring compact size and rackmount design, this is a perfect addition to an already diesel set up, and with karaoke capability, makes for an excellent stand-alone all-purpose mixing tool.

Compatible with CD, CD-G and CD-R formats, the CDM-3700G is an incredibly versatile player. The three video outputs allow you to hook up to multiple screens giving you more than the conventional audio/video experience. The player is fully programmable and offers a repeat function and two seamless loops per side, each with reloop.

The direct track access buttons take you directly to the track you want up through the first 10 tracks; when used with the +10 track button that means you only have to push two buttons to navigate through 20 tracks! Track searching is accurate to the frame, not to the second, allowing for surgical cueing.

Each of the rubber jog wheels feature convenient finger grips for easy manipulation, offering two selectable modes—one for track searching and one for pitch bending. Pitch bending can be achieved to +/- 16% with the slider or the jog wheel while the variable pitch control offers a range of +/- 12%. The CDm-3700G provides instant-start with cue preview, fader start capability with auto video switching and single auto-cue and continuous play modes. The large blue LCD display shows the selected play mode as well as a selectable three-mode time viewing—elapsed time, time remaining or total time remaining.

The CDM-3700G is a professional quality dual CD player with karaoke for club and mobile DJs. Bringing together a massive collection of features with rugged, industrial design this player holds its own against even some of the most expensive dual CD players. If you’re playing karaoke on the regular, then there is no reason why the CDM-3700G shouldn’t be in your setup. Get with it; get the CDM-3700G by Gemini!

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