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Gemini CDMP-1300 Professional 2U Single CD/MP3/USB Player

Gemini, a leading name in professional audio, proudly brings you the CDMP-1300 professional 2U single CD/MP3/USB player, a perfect installation piece for any DJ or music enthusiast looking to dive into the digital spectrum while still using CDs. The CDMP-1300 delivers the optimum functionality needed, including digital connection via built in USB inputs so you get all the convenience and flexibility of CDs and MP3s.

Compatible with CDs, CD-Rs and MP3s, the CDMP-1300 can play any file with .MP3, or .WAV extensions from USB memory sticks. The anti-shock feature is buffered by RAM memory for greater dependability than mechanized anti-shock CD players, which is useful for when you start shaking dance floors.

The large jog wheel has three modes—pitch bending, searching and scratch effect. The variable pitch control function has three settings: +/- 8%, +/- 16% and +/-24%, and pitch bending can also be done with the provided buttons.

Of course the CDMP-1300 provides single and continuous play modes, instant-start, cue with preview, and a seamless loop with reloop. A multi-function scroll knob helps you quickly and easily navigate through MP3 folders and track searching is accurate to the frame, rather than the second, for the most precise cueing possible. You get balanced XLR outputs, a line output a mini auxiliary input for hooking up external audio devices plus an IR remote control. Also the bright VFD display shows BPM read out, play mode, artist name and two-mode selectable time viewing.

The CDMP-1300 is an awesome addition to any home or club setup, perfect for mixing with a variety of audio sources or another CD player. The USB functionality is ideal for getting those track you’ve always wanted to play in rotation and, since it’s from Gemini, you know you wont be paying more than the lowest possible price, because at Gemini, quality and affordability go hand in hand.

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