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Gemini CDX-02 Professional 2U Dual CD Player

Gemini has done it again, compiling an awesome piece of professional equipment with all the critical components at an affordable price and it is the CDX-02 2U dual CD player. Gemini has a CD player for every conceivable niche in the realm of mobile and club DJing and the CDX-02 is an ideal unit for either application. With rackmount design and a heap of features you’d only expect to find on top-end models, the CDX-02 is a surprising find.

Compatible with CDs, CD-Rs and RWs, the CDX-02 is an excellent solution that provides the essential format-flexibility pro DJs need. The +10 song search feature is convenient for getting to your tracks quickly, giving you more time to cue and mix your material while the frame- accurate track search makes for precise cue point setting. With the CDX-02 you wont be wasting precious seconds looking for the right song when you could be setting your cues and preparing the next song.

The large, rubber, dual jog wheels feature finger grips and can be used for either track searching or pitch bending. Pitch bending can also be done with the dedicated buttons and the pitch control on the device provides a range of +/- 8%, 16%, and 24%. The gratuitous backlit LCD displays show all the important track information such as single and continuous play mode selection, BPM (TAP) read out and three modes of time viewing: elapsed time, time remaining and total time remaining. Each side also offers a single auto-cue and continuous play modes and an all-important mechanical anti-shock for holding it down when things get out of hand.

Gemini is the final word in professional CD players, filling every possible particular need of DJs with any background. Whether you spin CDs all the time, occasionally, rarely or once in a blue moon, Not only dies Gemini have a player for you, they have a whole line of them with varying combinations of features.

The CDX-02 is perfect for mobile and club DJs who need something to throw on the rack, but wont be central to the set. Gemini’s CDX-02 is the ideal convergence of cost-effective technology-meets-git ‘er done performance audio gear.

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