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Gemini CDX-1200 Professional 2U Single CD Player

The CDX-1200 by Gemini is a professional 2U single CD player, and even among the highest-grade lines of CD players available, it is a stand out. Gemini has a niche CD player for everyone regardless of the application. From dedicated CD-only DJs to the multi-media DJs of tomorrow spinning everything from cassette decks to wool, Gemini has the perfect CD player for you. The CDX-1200 is an excellent single CD player with a heap of features and all at an unbeatable value.

Compatible with CDs and CD-Rs, the CDX-1200 features an essential RAM buffered anti-shock memory, because skipping is a major drawback of playing CDs, now it doesn’t have to be. Frame accurate track searching allows you to set cues with unparalleled precision..

The huge dual jog wheel is rubber crafted and feature finger grips for the best feel possible and offer two selectable jog modes—one for track searching and one for pitch bending. Pitch bending has a range of +/- 16% and can also be done via the dedicated buttons on each side. Additionally, the variable pitch control has a range of +/- 12%.

The CDX-1200 offers single play with auto-cue and continuous play modes, and one seamless loop with reloop. These are excellent features for switching back and forth between mixing and providing background music between sets. Also both sides have a large blue backlit LCD screen that displays all the pertinent track information such as play mode, track number, pitch, and three selectable modes of time viewing—elapsed time, time remaining, and total time remaining. Its compact dimensions in conjunction with its rugged rack mountable design, makes the CDX-1200 a terrific solution for both mobile and club DJs.

The CDX-1200 2U CD player is a very high quality device for serious DJ setups. Delivering only the most pristine sound quality and long-lasting reliability, Gemini has a reputation of consistently putting out diesel equipment.

For all your CD DJing needs look to Gemini because with a whole line of players like the CDX-1200, you can’t go wrong. The only challenge is choosing the one that suits your style best, because there are probably dozens that do.

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