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Gemini CDX-1250 Professional 2U Single CD Player

The CDX-1250 2U CD player by Gemini is yet another installment in their unparalleled line of professional CD players designed for mobile and club DJs who need all the critical features but also need to protect their pocketbook. Offering a host of high-end features in a compact and affordable package the CDX-1250 is an excellent solution for DJs who spin a few CDs here and there but also include a wide range of media in their sets.

The CDX-1250 is compatible with CDs and CD-Rs for a little extra convenience and flexibility. The anti-shock is RAM memory buffered for a more reliable playback, because skips don’t need to be a trade off of playing CDs. The output is a single balanced XLR for the simplest possible set up. Also there is a 1/8” MP3 player input for attaching a portable music device.

There is output volume control, instant-start with cue preview, single and continuous play modes and a single seamless loop with reloop making this an excellent device for playing background music between sets. The included remote control gives DJs the ability to step away from the rack when they’re not in the heat of a mix and retain the essential control functions.

The large rubber jog wheel features finger grips and two selectable jog modes: one for searching and one for pitch bending. Pitch bending can also be achieved via the dedicated pitch bend buttons up to +/- 16%, while the variable pitch control has a pitch range of up to +/- 12%. The large blue backlit LCD display sows all the necessary track info such as play mode, BPM (TAP) readout, and three selectable modes of time viewing—elapsed time, time remaining and total time remaining.

Gemini is the front-runner of affordable professional CD players. Offering a CD player for every single application imaginable isn’t easy but Gemini doesn’t seem to have any trouble. The CDX-1250 is the perfect rackmount CD player for DJs who need a high-quality unit but don’t need it to be the focus of their set.

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