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Gemini CDX-2400 Professional 2U Dual CD Player

The CDX-2400 by Gemini is the pinnacle of their CDX series of CD players. Featuring complete dual functionality and all the features of the highest quality dual CD players, the CDX-2400 has what it takes to make CDs a big part of your set. When it comes to the manufacture of professional CD player solutions, Gemini’s selection is beyond compare, both in terms of its size and its affordability for the wealth of features offered.

The CDX-2400 is compatible with CDs and CD-Rs allowing for a little bit more flexibility, but it also has a 1/8” input for plugging in your portable MP3 player or other music device. The anti-shock is buffered with reliable RAM memory so skips and flaws don’t need to be an inevitable trade off for spinning CDs.

The frame accurate track search allows for cueing with surgical precision. The large, dual rubber jog wheels feature finger grips and two selectable jog modes—one for searching and one for pitch bending.

Pitch bending can also be done with the dedicate pitch bend buttons up to +/- 16% and the variable pitch control has a pitch range of +/- 12%. Both sides have their own seamless loop with reloop, instant-start and cue with preview, and single auto-cue and continuous play modes. The two large blue backlit LCD screens are easy to read and display all pertinent track info such as BPM (TAP) read out, play mode selection and three selectable time viewing modes—elapsed time, time remaining, and total time remaining.

Gemini is the manufacturer of the industry’s finest and most affordable professional CD players. No matter how much or how little CD media you play and listen to, Gemini has the perfect solution for you. For those club and mobile DJs who spin an abundance of CDs, Gemini has delivered the CDX-2400, where diesel construction meets functionality.

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