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Gemini MPX-40 Professional Touch Sensitive MP3/ CD Player

The MPX-40 by Gemini is a monster, feature-packed MP3 CD player for DJs demanding the highest professional quality, intuitive design, and affordable value all in one do-it-all unit. Offering all the necessary elements for unparalleled MP3 playback and mixing, the MPX-40 goes the extra mile in terms of mixing functionality. When it comes to CD DJing, no one does it like Gemini.

This is a slot-loading unit, compatible with CD, CD-R, CD-RW, and offers full MP3 compatibility, which includes text recognition and folder searching. A disc identification system memorizes cue points, which simplifies your mixing experience a good bit. +10 tack advance helps you get to your music faster while the large rubber jog wheel has dual functionality.

It is touch-sensitive for an uncompromising scratch performance and you can use it for pitch bending as well. The variable pitch control slider has a range of +/- 4, 8, 16, and 100% and, in addition to the jog wheel pitch bending can also be done with the dedicated buttons.

The three fly cues, two eight-second sampler banks and reverse functions add a lot of color to your mixes making the MPX-40 an awesome stand-alone unit or as addition to your current set up. The ten-second anti-shock protection uses buffered RAM memory for more reliable and consistent playback. There is a single seamless loop with reloop and B-edit, as well as key lock, BPM readout, and single auto-cue/ continuous play modes. The large, blue backlit LCD screen is crystal clear, displaying all the pertinent track information, such as track number, track name, play mode, and three selectable time viewing modes—elapsed time, time remaining and total time remaining.

The MPX-40 is one of Gemini’s finest pieces of DJ equipment.. Offering rugged design, an exhaustive collection of features, and reliable long-term playback and performance, all as an amazing value. Gemini definitely has their game under control. Now it’s your turn.

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