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Numark CDN36 Professional Scratching Dual CD Player

The Numark CDN36 Professional Scratching Dual CD Player offers rackmount functionality and amazing effects. Any DJ wants to be the star of the show! With the CDN36, the easy-to-use dual rackmount CD player provides you with every effect you could possibly desire. Colorful knobs and buttons ensure you quickly find what you need to get the house rocking.

Numark products are crafted using resilient steel. When you take your Numark CDN36 Professional Scratching Dual CD Player with you, rest assured that it can withstand the trip. In addition, the player can take vibrations caused by increased volume and masses of dancing listeners in a club setting.

Best of all, the Numark CDN36 Dual Rackmount CD Player offers backlit controls so that you can see what you’re doing. Even in the darkest club, you’ll never miss a step!

Numark CDN36 Professional Scratching Dual CD Player Features

Sure, you have backlit controls and a rugged design, but what else does the CDN36 Dual CD player offer. You’ll be surprised by the versatile features and offerings.

8/16 percent pitch
Anti-Shock buffer memory
Back-lit controls
BPM counter
CD-R compatibility
Digital output
Fader/remote start and relay
High speed rotary track access
Interactive jog wheel with finger grips
Power switch protector
Seamless looping with stuttering
Sequence programming
Sleep mode
Transport bay illumination lighting
True buffered instant start

Obviously, the features that professionals crave are available with Numark’s CDN36 Professional Scratching Dual CD Player. Not only is it easy to use in any lighting, but also it contains everything you need to give a stellar performance.

Numark’s CDN36: A Great Choice

The CDN36 Dual CD Player is affordable, durable and designed to get the job done. Right out the box, you’ll find the CD player is everything you could imagine and more!

It’s no surprise that professionals prefer Numark audio products. Designed for professional DJs, Numark products regularly win the MMR Dealers Choice Award. When you want quality for a price that won’t break the bank, Numark is the way to go!

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