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Numark CDN88 Pro Dual CD Player for DJ use

The Numark CDN88 Pro Dual CD Player for DJs may be geared for professional use, but home music enthusiasts will love it too! For decades, vinyl albums have been a staple for DJs who want to rock the house with their scratching techniques. Enter Numark’s CDN88, a professional CD player that offers scratching capabilities with your favorite CDs.

Numark’s durable CDN88 features twin CD drawers and a jog wheel with finger grips that easily allow you to scratch music on your favorite disc. Stop carrying bulky plastic albums that scratch easily! CDs are easier to carry and much more resistant to the elements and use.

Features of Numark’s CDN88 PRO DUAL CD Player

Numark’s CDN88 Pro Dual CD Player is geared for professional DJ use. It delivers a great performance thanks to the availability of features and technological offerings.

6, 12, 25 and 100 percent pitch control
48 second buffer memory for Anti-shock technology
100 percent Key Lock
Beatkeeper with auto-mixing and sync
CD-R compatible
Cue point aligning through Interlock function
Digital output
Fader start
Interactive DSP effects
Real time scratching
Rubber buttons
Three hot stutter starts
Track sequence programming
Two seamless loops

You can set up one CD to start immediately after another with ease. Eliminate the annoying gaps and pauses between tracks with the features of the CDN88. Anti-shock technology prevents skips when the player is jostled. All of these features will have you thrilled that you chose Numark for your scratching needs.

Numark CDN88 PRO DUAL CD PLAYER: Great for Everyone

While the Numark CDN88 PRO DUAL CD PLAYER is geared for professional DJ applications, home studio enthusiasts will enjoy it too. Add flair to your parties or gatherings by having professional quality equipment that is a cinch to use.

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