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Numark DDS80 CD and Media Player

Numark DDS80 CD and Media Player brings modern technology to the forefront. We’ve lived through vinyl. CDs continue to be a key player in the audio age. However, the future has turned to MP3 players and computer storage as the newest way to play and store your vast library of music and videos.

While smaller than vinyl, CDs are still relatively bulky to transport. They take up space on your shelves. Today’s audio enthusiast is turning to MP3 storage of their songs because it’s convenient, weighs practically nothing and allows you to store thousands of songs on one memory card. With Numark’s DDS80 CD and Media Player, you can still play your favorite CDs, but modern technology like MP3 players and computers are also a possibility..

Using The Numark DDS80 CD and Media Player

It’s easy and fun to operate the DDS80 CD and Media Player. Simply plug it in, hook up your MP3 player or computer to the unit and play or download music right to the player’s removable hard drive. With 80GB of available memory, you can store thousands of songs.

Play tracks off your CD and then switch to a stored MP3 file with ease. If you prefer, play them together! Use Key Lock function to control pitch and tempo ensuring your music sounds great every time. The DDS80’s comfortable jog wheel allows you to scratch songs from CD or your stored audio files with ease.

Numark DDS80 CD and Media Player Features

Perhaps the best feature of the DDS80 by Numark is that it has a removable hard drive with an 80GB capacity. It’s a cinch to upload music right from your computer! Other features include:

-100 to +25 percent pitch control
2RU DDS drive
2 stereo RCA audio cables
3 USB ports
19 inch 5RU or 3RU controller
Capable of playing music from two devices simultaneously
CD to hard drive capability
Hi-def color display
On-board playlist creation
Patented Beatkeeper technology
Scratch AAC, CD, MP3 and WAV
TAP override
Text search
USB cable
USB Numark brand computer keyboard

Best of all, with the Numark DDS80 CD and Media Player, you can play music from a CD and switch to MP3 files with ease. Stop carrying around cases of CDs. Simply upload music to your DDS80 and your library of music is easily accessed when you reach your destination.

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