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Numark iCDX CD/MP3/DVD And Ipod Player/Controller

Enjoy a total entertainment package with the Numark iCDX CD/MP3/DVD And Ipod Player/Controller. Play CDs, DVDs and MP3 files. Tap into your iPod for added flexibility and an immense library of songs.

The Numark iCDX CD/MP3/DVD and Ipod Player/Controller is a compact unit that fits nicely into your current set up. CDs and DVDs slide into the front while your main controls are logically arranged on the top. A comfortable jog wheel with raised finger grips allows you to scratch music from any of the media formats.

Numark’s iCDX CD/MP3/DVD and iPod Player/Controller Specifications

The iCDX plays many discs including CD, CD-R, CD-RW, CD Redbook, and DVDs. In addition, you can play from your iPod or and MP3 files. Other important specifications include:

20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response
44.1 kHz sampling frequency
Dynamic range of greater than 75 dB
Output level of 1.2 V RMS
Pitch bend of 16 percent with rotary controls and push buttons
Pitch control range of –6, 12, 25 and 100 percent

The Numark iCDX Player/Controller weighs seven pounds making it easy to transport. The 100 – 240 VAC power supply uses about 22 watts, so it is not too big an energy hog.

Features of Numark iCDX CD/MP3/DVD And Ipod Player/Controller

DJs love the iCDX by Numark because it allows many formats to be used during a performance. Play from a CD and switch to MP3 without hesitation.

100 percent pitch range with key lock
Assignable buttons for looping, sampling and hot cues
Backlit LCD screen offers BPM, CD text, file names and MP3 ID tags
Built-in folder navigation
External HID controller compatible with many softwares including CUE and Serato Scratch Live
Illuminated CD/DVD slot
Integrated beat-sync DSP effects
Multi-function push knobs
Real time adjustable loop
Touch-sensitive jog wheel with seven settings
USB ports for connecting flash drives and MP3 players
Wet/dry effects fader

The effects included on the iCDX will impress any professional. Enjoy chop, echo, filter, flanger, pan and phaser.

The Numark iCDX CD/MP3/DVD And Ipod Player/Controller provides modern technology. Don’t worry about purchasing this system and quickly finding it out of date. Because you can use MP3 players, you’ll find it meets and exceeds expectations

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