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Numark MP102 MP3 CD Player

The Numark MP102 MP3 CD Player offers exceptional sound quality for audio CDs and MP3 files. Few CD players can handle MP3 files, but the MP102 makes it easy to play MP3 files straight from a disc.

Small MP3 files take songs and compact them so that you can fit dozens on one disc. However, most people must transfer the MP3 files to another format before their disc will play in a CD player. It’s frustrating and time consuming. With Numark’s MP102 CD Player, you can bypass this time consuming step and play your MP3 files any time you want!

Numark MP102 MP3 CD Player Technical Specifications

Start with the size of the MP102. It’s not a huge player. Weighing less than eight pounds, the Numark CD player doesn’t take up a lot of space. In addition, you can easily move it from one location to another. Simply set it on a table or shelf, plug it in and you’re good to go.

15 watts (AC 115/230V)
255 available folders with a maximum 999 files
Channel balance within 0.2 dB
Frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Output level of 2VRMS
Plays any .mp3 file extension

You’ll find sound quality is extremely impressive. The Numark MP102 MP3 CD Player isn’t expensive, so any professional or home audio enthusiast can add it to their audio gear without draining the wallet.

Features of the Numark MP102 MP3 CD Player

8 and 16 percent pitch bend through the jog wheel
Backlit LCD display with text
Both balanced and unbalanced outputs
Buffered instant start and stutter start with programmable points
Patented Buffered Anti-shock memory protection
Programmable track sequencing
Seamless loop creation with both CDs and MP3s
SPDIF digital output
True continuous playback

The Numark MP102 MP3 CD Player is a great system to own at home or in a studio. Because you can play any MP3 files, you’ll find that quickly becomes your favorite feature. Stop carrying out dozens of bulky CD carrying cases and store your favorite songs on MP3 discs that keep the music playing for hours!

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