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Numark MP302 Dual MP3/ CD Player with Seamless Looping

Numark MP302 Dual MP3/ CD Player with Seamless Looping is a leader in CD performance and innovation. Many CD players lack MP3 compatibility, but the MP302 allows the user to tap into their unlimited selection of MP3 files and CDs.

Professionals know Numark’s MP302 is durable enough to withstand travel from one event to another. It is also a great house system for restaurants, bars and clubs. The patented Anti-shock technology prevents skipping caused by a bumped table or set-up. In a busy dance club, you’ll want that essential feature!

Numark MP302 Dual MP3/ CD Player with Seamless Looping Features

The rack mountable Numark MP302 packs many features into the compact unit. Start with the dual CD draws and MP3 compatibility. Technology is changing rapidly and professionals want to keep up with the times. You need a unit that can handle MP3 files.

Features also include:

8 and 16 percent pitch control with beat matching capability
Analog RCA and S/PDIF digital outputs
Continuous and single playback
Fader start
Jog wheel for track access, pitch bend and searching
Patented Anti-Shock technology
Programmable with cue points
Seamless looping
Text display shows folder names and MP3 ID tags

Numark’s MP302 Dual MP3/ CD Player with Seamless Looping weighs 10 pounds making it easy to transport. In addition, the unit is crafted from steel preventing damage commonly caused during handling and set-up. Numark designed their CD/MP3 player to withstand jostling and movement.

Numark MP302’s Sound Quality

Allow the sound quality of the MP302 by Numark to impress your listeners! With output levels of 0.5 to 1 dB, you’ll find you music sounds great! Other specifications are:

Channel Balance is within 0.2 dB with a maximum of 1 dB
Frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz
S/N ratio of 120 dB

Numark’s MP302 CD/MP3 player handles up to 255 folders and 999 files. Know exactly what is playing thanks to the digital display.

The Numark MP302 Dual MP3/ CD Player with Seamless Looping comes with everything you’ll need to get started. The unit includes fader start and stereo RCA cables, a handy guide and interconnection cables. Within minutes of removing it from the box, you’ll be ready to play your favorite songs.

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