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Stanton C.501 Dual Deck CD/Mp3 Player

The Stanton C.501 Dual Deck CD/Mp3 Player plays both CDs and MP3 files beautifully every time. Anti-shock technology stops annoying CD skips from occurring. With two CD players and coordinating controls, you have power over the music you play. The C.501 is an affordable rack mounted system, so add it to your audio set up without feeling as if you’ve spent too much.

Ask any professional what they look for in a CD player and you’ll get a long list. The Stanton C. 501 Dual Deck CD/Mp3 Player generally exceeds expectations.

Best Stanton C.501 Dual Deck CD/Mp3 Player Features

+10 track skip search
4, 8 and 16 percent pitch adjustment
Anti-shock buffer
Auto cue
Dual CD player
Fader start
Jog wheel control for search and pitch bend
MP3 compatibility
Relay play capable
S/PDIF digital output

CD skips and glitches cause annoyance, but Stanton incorporates their anti-shock buffers to prevent this from happening. Move from CD tracks to MP3 files with ease and provide the greatest range of music available.

Stanton C.501 Dual Deck CD/Mp3 Player Specifications

You’ll find the technical specifications for the Stanton C.501 Dual Deck CD/Mp3 Player impress people. Considering this is from Stanton’s affordable line of CD players, you’ll be surprised with the range of features and specs!

Channel balance is within 1 dB
Frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Output level of 6 dBV
S/N ratio of 90 dB

Search time on a CD generally takes no more than six seconds. Plus, the time gap between tracks usually is less than four seconds. You needn’t worry about huge delays between songs.

Thanks to today’s technology, music lovers have access to millions of songs. Best of all, there is no longer the need to purchase an entire CD when you only want one song. Not every CD player is MP3 capable. The C.501 plays CDs and MP3s without issue. Hear the song you want, when you want it!

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