Dental Insurance Arkansas Alternative – Consider Dental Discount Plans in AR

Residents of Arkansas can consider a dental discount plan in lieu of costly dental insurance. With a large number of popular AR dental discount plans available to them, Arkansas residents will find it easy to choose a program that they can afford and that meets their dental requirements. There are a number of participating dentists in many areas of Arkansas that happily accept dental discount programs.

Dental Discount Plans Offering an Alternative to AR Dental Insurance

Membership rates for dental discount plans vary from company to company. Arkansas dental discount plans are numerous and offer low, affordable rates. Just look at the selection.

  • Access Dental Plan ($104.95 individual/$159.95 family)
  • Aetna Dental Access ($104.95 individual/$159.95 family)
  • Aetna Vital Savings ($134.95 individual/$179.95 family)
  • Alliance HealthCard Gold Card ($144.95 individual/$199.95 family)
  • Careington Care 500 Series ($139.95 individual/$189.95 family)
  • Careington Select Plan ($114.95 individual/$169.95 family)
  • CIGNA Dental Only Preferred Network Access ($104.95 individual/$159.95 family)
  • CIGNA Preferred Network Access ($134.95 individual/$189.95 family)
  • Dent-All Plan, Inc. ($114.95 individual/$169.95 family)
  • Dental Care Advantage ($124.95 individual/$169.95 family)
  • DenteMax Discount Dental Plan ($104.95 individual/$159.95 family)
  • OptumHealth Allies Dental Program ($159.95 individual/$189.95 family)
  • OrthoCare Orthodontic Discount Program ($84.95 individual/$109.95 family)
  • Patriot Plan Plus ($114.95 individual/$169.95 family)
  • Signature Wellness Dental Only Plan ($114.95 individual/$169.95 family)
  • UNI-CARE 100 Discount Dental Plan ($79.95 individual/$129.95 family)
  • UNI-CARE 200 Discount Dental Plan ($114.95 individual/$169.95 family)

Price Comparisons of Arkansas Dental Discount Programs

Rates between AR dental discount programs vary, but you might be more surprised to see just how much the savings differ. Look at the following common dental treatments to see how much you stand to save with the different companies. Prices for a child teeth cleaning and a one-surface metal filling are listed below. Average prices without dental insurance are $75 for the cleaning and $149 for the filling.

  • Access Dental Plan ($32 cleaning/$60 filling)
  • Aetna Dental Access and Vital Savings ($28 cleaning/$51 filling)
  • Alliance HealthCard Gold Card ($35 cleaning/$47 filling)
  • Careington Care 500 Series ($29 cleaning/$48 filling)
  • Careington Select Plan ($38 cleaning/$69 filling)
  • CIGNA Dental Discount Plans ($32 cleaning/$47 filling)
  • Dent-All Plan, Inc. ($34 cleaning/$63 filling)
  • Dental Care Advantage ($35 cleaning/$60 filling)
  • DenteMax Discount Dental Plan ($34 cleaning/$64 filling)
  • OptumHealth Allies Dental Program ($27 cleaning/$47 filling)
  • Patriot Plan Plus ($33 cleaning/$58 filling)
  • Signature Wellness Dental Only Plan ($43 cleaning/$71 filling)
  • UNI-CARE 100 Discount Dental Plan ($33 cleaning/15 percent discounts on a filling)
  • UNI-CARE 200 Discount Dental Plan ($28 cleaning/$58 filling)

The prices vary greatly leaving you to decide the best plan for your needs. Remember to calculate the monthly cost of the Arkansas discount dental plan when deciding which dental discount plan provides the best rates. If you're paying more in a membership but receiving a bigger discount, the more expensive yearly membership fee may well be worthwhile in the long run.

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