Dental discount plans for braces will save parents thousands of dollars in expensive orthodontic bills. One of the biggest expenses parents face are braces for their teen. Once all the permanent teeth are in place and the jawbone has grown, braces become a necessity to straighten teeth and properly align the bite.

The Downfall to Dental Insurance

Traditional dental insurance plans rarely pay more than 50 percent towards a set of braces. Add in the cost of your deductible and any yearly maximum benefit and you're contribution towards braces winds up being more than 50 percent. With the average cost of braces starting at $4,000, you're in for a pretty hefty expense, especially if you have more than one child.

Even if you pay 15 percent, your cost still comes in at $2,000. Add in your deductible and any amount in excess of your yearly maximum benefit and you're paying even more. In addition, any other dentistry needed during the year is not going to be covered at all.

For example, if you have a $1,000 maximum benefit policy and $300 deductible, the company will cover $1,000 towards the braces and then the benefit is up for the year. You'll end up paying the additional balance out of your own pocket. Take your $2,000, plus the $300 typical deductible plus the other $1,000 that the insurance won't cover because you've gone over the maximum benefit. That budget set of braces is costing you $3,300, which is far more than the 50 percent you might be expecting.

Understand How Dental Discount Plans Work

Dental discount plans are much less expensive than insurance. You pay a yearly enrollment fee and become entitled to discounts directly from participating dentists. Many dental discount plans for braces provide you with immediate savings of 20 to 60 percent. There are no maximum benefits or deductibles to pay.

Unicare 200 offers a 20 percent discount on all orthodontia. You never have to fill out claim forms. There are no referral requirements and those getting dental discount plans for braces can be any age. Braces are not limited to teens. Coverage through Unicare costs less than $170 a year for an entire family or $115 for an individual.

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