Dental Insurance California Alternative – Consider Dental Discount Plans in CA

Californians have plenty of options when it comes to CA dental insurance. Try a dental discount plan for less expensive yearly premiums and exceptional coverage.

California dental discount plans work differently than dental insurance. You pay a monthly or yearly membership fee instead of an insurance premium. You receive a dental discount card that entitles you to much lower prices at any participating dental office. There are no claim forms to fill out. You don't need pre-approval for visits to specialists. You don't need to worry about deductibles or maximum benefit limits.

Dental Discount Plans Available in California

The true list of dental discount plans depends on your location. You should check with the CA discount dental plan before purchasing to make sure you have participating dentists in your area. The following companies offer CA dental discount plans in the San Francisco area.

  • Aetna Dental Access ($104.95 individual/$159.95 family)
  • Aetna Vital Savings ($134.95 individual/$179.95 family)
  • Affordable Family Health Services ($124.95 individual/$169.95 family)
  • Alliance HealthCard Gold Card ($144.95 individual/$199.95 family)
  • Avia Dental Plan ($124.95 individual/$169.95 family)
  • Careington Care 500 ($134.95 individual/$189.95 family)
  • Careington Select Plan ($114.95 individual/$169.95 family)
  • CIGNA Dental-only Preferred Network Access ($104.95 individual/$159.95 family)
  • CIGNA Preferred Network Access ($134.95 individual/$189.95 family)
  • Dent-All Plan, Inc. ($114.95 individual/$169.95 family)
  • Dental Card Advantage ($124.95 individual/$169.95 family)
  • First Dental Health Access Dental Plan ($124.95 individual/$169.95 family)
  • National Discount Services ($104.95 individual/$159.95 family)
  • OptumHealth Allies Dental Program ($159.95 individual/$189.95 family)
  • OrthoCare Orthodontic Discount Program ($84.95 individual/$109.95 family)
  • Patriot Plan ($104.95 individual/$159.95 family)
  • Patriot Plan Plus ($114.95 individual/$169.95 family)
  • Signature Wellness Dental Only Plan ($114.95 individual/$169.95 family)
  • UNI-CARE 100 Discount Dental Plan ($79.95 individual/$129.95 family)
  • UNI-CARE 200 Discount Dental Plan ($114.95 individual/$169.95 family)

Discount Levels to Expect from California Discount Dental Plans

In addition to varying yearly membership fees, the savings you are entitled to once you become a member also vary. When you're deciding which plan suits your needs, take the membership fees and total discounts into consideration. Rates given are average savings in San Francisco for two common dental procedures, one-surface amalgam fillings and panoramic x-rays. Keep in mind that the average price for panoramic x-rays in San Francisco, California, is $118. The average price for a one-surface resin filling is $175.

  • Aetna Dental Access (Panoramic x-ray $60 /One-surface resin filling $85
  • Aetna Vital Savings (Panoramic x-ray $60 /One-surface resin filling $85)
  • Affordable Family Health Services (Panoramic x-ray $48 /One-surface resin filling $65)
  • Alliance HealthCard Gold Card (Panoramic x-ray $63 /One-surface resin filling $82
  • Avia Dental Plan (Panoramic x-ray $40 /One-surface resin filling $55)
  • Careington Care 500 (Panoramic x-ray $54 /One-surface resin filling $66)
  • Careington Select Plan (Panoramic x-ray $70 /One-surface resin filling $89)
  • CIGNA Preferred Network Access Plans (Panoramic x-ray $63 /One-surface resin filling $82)
  • Dent-All Plan, Inc. (Panoramic x-ray $70 /One-surface resin filling $89)
  • Dental Card Advantage (Panoramic x-ray $54 /One-surface resin filling $108)
  • First Dental Health Access Dental Plan (Panoramic x-ray $54 /One-surface resin filling $108)
  • National Discount Services (Panoramic x-ray $35 /One-surface resin filling $58)
  • OptumHealth Allies Dental Program (Panoramic x-ray $53 /One-surface resin filling $83)
  • Patriot Plan (Panoramic x-ray 25 percent off /One-surface resin filling $61)
  • Patriot Plan Plus (Panoramic x-ray $58 /One-surface resin filling $71)
  • Signature Wellness Dental Only Plan (Panoramic x-ray $92 /One-surface resin filling $125)
  • UNI-CARE 100 Discount Dental Plan (Panoramic x-ray $62 /One-surface resin filling 15 percent off)
  • UNI-CARE 200 Discount Dental Plan (Panoramic x-ray $44 /One-surface resin filling $66)

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