CIGNA Discount Dental Plan - Affordable Coverage

The CIGNA discount dental plan known as CIGNAPlus Savings ensures low prices and quality dentistry. With more than 76,000 participating dentists across the United States, most state residents will quality for CIGNA. In addition, the discounts offered through CIGNAPlus average 35 percent leading to much lower dentist bills, as well as the lower monthly premiums.

In addition to discounted dental prices, all CIGNAPlus Savings members are also entitled to other special savings. These savings include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Chiropractic care
  • Massage therapy
  • Programs to help you stop smoking
  • Vision care
  • Weight loss programs

Average Monthly Premiums with CIGNAPlus Savings

CIGNA dental discount plans are affordable alternatives to dental insurance. The cost for an individual is less than $9 per month, while a family pays only $10 per month. While traditional dentist insurance policies can cost upwards of $25 per week in payroll deductions, discount dental plans save you hundreds of dollars a year in monthly premiums alone.

Benefits to CIGNAPlus Savings

If you are unfamiliar with dental discount plans, you should know that they are not dental insurance. They work more like a membership program. You pay a monthly or yearly membership fee and receive a membership card. Show that card at any participating dental office and you get instant savings on all dental services.

CIGNA negotiates the discounted prices for you. There's no paperwork or claim forms to fill out. You can see any participating dentist or specialist without needing a referral. There are no maximum benefit limits or restrictions limiting the number of crowns, root canals or other dental services you can receive in one year.

In addition, CIGNA dental discount plans cover cosmetic services like teeth whitening and veneers. You'll never be denied a discounted service with CIGNAPlus Savings.

Discounted Prices You Can Expect with CIGNAPlus Savings

CIGNA's dental discount plan offers impressive discounts to many common dental services. Take a one-surface resin filling. While many dental insurance companies won't even cover resin fillings claiming they are cosmetic and that metal will suffice, CIGNAPlus Savings plans do offer a discount. The typical cost of a resin filling is $127, but with CIGNAPlus you'll pay $76.

Some dental insurance companies will only pay for one cleaning per year despite the proof that cleanings should occur every six months. The cost of a cleaning for an adult is $153, that's a lot of money coming from your own pocket. With CIGNAPlus, you'll pay $100 for an adult cleaning.

Fluoride treatments are necessary for children who do not have fluoride in their water. One fluoride treatment is $59, but with CIGNAPlus Savings you pay $38.

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