Dental Insurance Connecticut Alternative – Consider Dental Discount Plans in CT

Whether you live in the southern corner near Danbury or central near Hartford, enjoy CT dental discount plan options. You'll save money on monthly or yearly premiums and gain extensive discounts on all your dental care needs. Dental discount plans remain the most affordable option when you need dental insurance coverage, but can't afford the high deductibles, yearly maximum benefit limits and skyrocketing premiums.

CT Dental Discount Plans Yearly Fees

Every Connecticut dental discount plan will have a set membership fee. Many companies allow you to pay this fee monthly, but others will give you an additional discount, usually 10 percent off, if you pay for the full year at once.

Signature Wellness Plan offers dental discount plan coverage in much of Connecticut. Their dental-only plan costs $114.95 for an individual or $169.95 for a family. If you want the plan that adds additional discounts for vision care and prescription medications, you'll pay $144.95 for an individual or $199.95 for a family.

CIGNA Preferred Network Access also offers CT dental discount plans. The Dental-only plan is $104.95 a year for individuals and $159.95 for families. If you want the plan that adds vision care and prescription coverage, the price increases to $134.95 for individuals and $189.95 for a family.

Comparing Connecticut Dental Discount Plans

Dental Care Advantage and OptumHealth Allies Dental Program both offer extensive discounts on dental services, including orthodontia and cosmetic procedures. Dental Care Advantage is much lower at $124.95/individual or $169.95 a year. (OptumHealth Allies Dental Program is $159.95 or $189.95.)

Dental Care Advantage includes discounts for prescription medications, vision, chiropractic and hearing care, while OptumHealth only adds vision care discounts. However, OptumHealth Allies Dental Program discounts are lower. Look at the comparison:

  • Panoramic x-rays with OptumHealth $70, Dental Care Advantage costs $83
  • Perio-scaling with OptumHealth $134, Dental Care Advantage costs $173
  • Single crown with OptumHealth $735, Dental Care Advantage costs $822
  • Six-month check-up with OptumHealth $27, Dental Care Advantage costs $35

If you have health insurance or a health care discount plan that covers prescriptions, OptumHealth may well be your better choice. If you desperately need prescription medication coverage, you may be better off going with Dental Care Advantage. Before making a choice, be certain you've looked at the entire picture.

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