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Comparing dental insurance and discount dental plans finds that discount dental plans are more affordable. Even a great dental insurance plan is going to cost you moderate monthly premiums. You might think you're covered until you discover that you have maximum benefit limits and some procedures simply are not covered at all. Your insurance protection ends up being worthless if you need costly dental repairs.

Look at What Delta Dental Costs a Family

Delta Dental is a leading dental insurance company. They boast fair monthly premiums and good coverage. However, you'd be surprised by what you really end up paying out of pocket.

If you want dental insurance coverage, Delta Dental offers a variety of plans. Understand that you must pick a dentist from their approved list. This may mean that you'll end up having to change dentists.

Their best coverage provides orthodontics coverage after you've been insured for two full years. This is essential if you have children. Sample monthly rates (2010 rates) for this policy, using Vermont as an area of residence, range from $61.44 (single) to $189.34 (family). Understand that with this policy, you get two cleanings per year, Bitewing X-rays done every year, full mouth X-rays done every three years and a cancer screening once a year. Your children can have two fluoride treatments per year, spacers until they reach the age of 16 and sealants on permanent molars only until they reach the age of 19. There is no waiting period for cleanings.

For basic dental treatments, they will pay 80 percent, and you must pay the additional 20 percent. This coverage requires a six-month waiting period. For major dental procedures like crowns and dentures, they will only pay 50 percent and you face a 12 month waiting period. Orthodontics also covers 50 percent but does not require a waiting period.

Be aware that this Dental Dental policy example has lifetime deductibles of $300 that must be paid before benefits kick in. In addition, there is a yearly maximum of $2,000 on cleanings, basic and major dental care. There is a lifetime orthodontics maximum of $2,000. As most sets of braces cost well in advance of $5,000, you'll end up contributing far more than $2,000 in the long run.

You'll Save Money with a Dental Discount Plan

CIGNA offers an inexpensive dental discount plan called Preferred Network Access. The plan for a family is $189.95 a year (2010 rates). You're paying a lot less compared to Delta Dental's monthly family plan premium! You have no maximum benefit limits to deal with and no age restrictions on things like sealants and spacers.

You do have to pay for your basic dental check-ups. With the discounted rates offered by CIGNA, the check-up costs $32/$54 for the cancer screening. X-rays cost another $135 for Bitewings and panoramic. Cleanings are $43 (children) to $61 (adult). Sealants are $37 per tooth. While you pay more up front, you're saving over all because your yearly enrollment fee is so much lower.

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