Dental Insurance Florida Alternative – Consider Dental Discount Plans in FL

Consider dental discount plans as an alternative to dental insurance in Florida. Dental discount plans offer membership rates to participating dentists. Rather than paying high monthly premiums, keeping track of maximum benefit limits and dealing with paperwork, you receive a membership card that when presented to the dentists entitles you to discounted rates on most dental services.

Florida Dental Discount Plans Available

There are a number of companies offering FL dental discount plans. They include:

  • Aetna
  • Affordable Family Health Services
  • Alliance HealthCard
  • Avia Dental
  • Careington Care
  • Dent-All Plan, Inc.
  • Patriot Plan
  • Solstice Plus Plan

Yearly fees range from $80 to $200 per year. This breaks down to monthly payments of approximately $7 to $17. With some plans, you'll receive a 10 percent discount if you pay for the full year when you enroll. You'll save even more money for the same level of individual or family dental discounts.

Discounts to Expect with Florida Discount Dental Plans

If you do choose to bypass FL dental insurance and enroll with a dental discount plan, you'll receive discounts on many dental services. Expect average savings of 10 to 70 percent on these dental services and treatments.

  • Dentures
  • Extractions
  • Fillings
  • Perio Scaling
  • Root canals
  • Root planing
  • Routine check-ups
  • Teeth cleaning
  • X-rays

Some plans cover orthodontia as well. You can get discounted prices for braces, spacers and bridges. In many plans, you can save up to 25 percent on braces. Because most braces start at $3,000, you stand to save upwards of $750. The savings alone more than pays for your yearly membership fee in the FL dental discount plan.

In addition to dental discounts, some Florida dental discount plans offer vision care, hearing and prescription benefits. Rates for these plans are usually a little higher, but if your health insurance lacks a drug or vision plan, you'll have the coverage you need for a price you can easily afford.

With these combination savings plans, you receive additional savings towards eye exams, prescription eye wear, hearing aids and your prescription medications.

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