Dental Insurance Illinois Alternative – Consider Dental Discount Plans in IL

An Illinois dental discount plan provides a less expensive option to costly dental insurance. While many dental insurance plans cost upwards of $200 a month, you can get dental discount plan coverage for as little as $80 a year. Many plans range in price from $80 per year for an individual to $200 per year from a family.

Imagine getting one free dental check-up every year, paying far less for dental coverage and having the chance to receive cosmetic treatments like teeth whitening and veneers without being denied coverage. Illinois dental discount plans give you that freedom.

Benefits to IL Dental Discount Plans

Dental discount plans are not insurance. They are more like a membership plan that entitles you to discounted prices at participating dentists. The discounts range from 10 percent to 70 percent with many companies allowing you to get the dental treatments you need for a good deal less than you'd pay without dental insurance.

With a dental discount plan, you are not limited to the dental insurance companies restrictions. You get discounted coverage on cosmetic practices, general dentistry and orthodontics. There are no maximum benefit limits or requirements to get a referral to see a specialist.

Dental discount plans do not require you to fill out claim forms in order to get reimbursed for your dental care. You simply show your Illinois dental discount plan membership card for immediate discounts.

IL Dental Discount Plans Accepted by Illinois Dentists

Many areas of Illinois have dentists participating in dental discount plans. Plans accepted by these dentists include:

  • Aetna
  • Affordable Family Health Services
  • Alliance
  • Amacore
  • Careington Care
  • Dental Care Advantage
  • Dent-All Plan, Inc.
  • DenteMax
  • OptumHealth Allies
  • OrthoCare
  • Patriot Plan
  • Signature Wellness
  • Sonrisas Plan

Many of the plans offer coverage for orthodontia. If orthodontia is the only coverage you need, there are plans like OrthoCare that simply discount all visits to an orthodontist. These plans cost less and provide extensive discounts on braces, retainers and spacers.

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