Dental Insurance New Mexico Alternative - Consider Dental Discount Plans in NM

When you can't afford dental insurance, a New Mexico dental discount plan is a more affordable alternative. Save money on high insurance premiums by choosing a discount dental plan instead.

Many insurance companies offering dental coverage charge premiums for family coverage of $100, $150 or even $200 a month. NM dental discount plans usually cost $130 to $200 for family coverage for an entire year. You can still pay monthly, but if you want to save even more money pay the full year when you enroll for an additional discount.

Check Out the Following Companies for New Mexico Dental Discount Plans

New Mexico dental discount plan coverage is offered through the following companies:

  • Access Dental
  • Aetna
  • Alliance HealthCard
  • Careington Care
  • Coastal Dental
  • Dental Care Advantage
  • Dent-All Plan, Inc.
  • DenteMax
  • OptumHealth

Most of the discount dental plans send your membership package the same day you enroll. You'll have the discount dental plan card in a matter of days, as well as the booklet listing all participating dentists in your area. Simply take the card with you to the dental appointment and receive instant discounts that same day.

Differences Between Dental Insurance and a Dental Discount Plan

Dental insurance requires you to pay for a portion of your dental care, plus any deductible that is part of your policy. You also have maximum benefit limits you cannot go over every year. If you do exceed those limits, you must pay the difference out of your own pocket. Dental discount plans allow you to see the dentist as much as you want without any restrictions.

In addition, dental insurance requires you to get pre-approval before you can see a specialist. With a New Mexico dental discount plan, you can see any dental specialist you want without the necessity of a referral. By going to a participating oral specialist, you receive discounts on that dental care too. Many companies extend discounts of 15 to 40 percent on items like braces, retainers and extractions.

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