No Dental Insurance? Try a Dental Discount Plan

If you have no dental insurance, try a dental discount plan. Whether you simply cannot afford dental insurance or find that the excessive paperwork and messy claim procedure to be tiring, dental discount plans are the perfect solution.

How Dental Discount Plans Work

Dental discount plans are not insurance, but they provide many similar benefits. When you walk into the dentist needing a filling, you're going to pay your dentist for the service.

With a dental discount plan, you pay yearly membership fee and get discounts at participating dentists, oral surgeons and orthodontists. Most of the time, the discounts range from 20 to 60 percent, so the savings are incredible.

Yearly membership fees with dental discount plans are a fraction of the cost of dental insurance. If you have no dental insurance because of the high premiums, you'll find dental discount plans to be amazing. Instead of paying $100 to $150 a month for insurance coverage, you pay that same amount once per year. The savings in premiums alone quickly add up.

The Difference Between Dental Insurance and Dental Discount Plans

Dental insurance generally requires you to select a participating dentist. After your visit, you pay a co-pay or percentage of the bill, the dental insurance company pays the rest.

Depending on your insurance, you might be required to submit paperwork proving you went to the dentist before the insurance company will remit a payment to you. This traditional dental insurance requires you to pay for everything up front and then the insurance company reimburses you later on. It's a long wait for reimbursement checks if you live from paycheck to paycheck with no savings to help you out.

The problem with insurance is that there are always restrictions. You usually have to have insurance coverage for months before coverage kicks in on things other than cleanings. You must pay the deductible before the insurance company pays anything. There are also yearly limits on how much the dental insurance company will pay. If you need a crown and your yearly maximum limit is $1,000, you're going to eat through that maximum with just one visit and any remaining dental care will come out of your own pocket.

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